Prevention of Lower Back Pain, Care, Cure and Treatment for relief from it.

Lower Back Cramps is a common problem in the present day world with chair work involving most people. You can prevent Back Tenderness or lessen it. Simple home treatment and proper body mechanics will often heal your this soreness in a few weeks and keepit pain free.Surgery is rarely needed to treat back pain

Symptoms. The following is guide to show that you might be having or heading towards varicose veins:-
  1. Muscles pain.
  2. You find it difficult to stand upright with your back straight.
  3. The pain may be shooting or stabbing.
  4. The pain may extend down your your legs.
  5. You cannot move your back easily, showing it is lacking flexibility.
Causes of Back Pain. The back comprises bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and disks. Disks are the cartilage-like pads that act as cushions between the segments of your spine. Back pain can arise from problems with any of these component parts. In a few cases specific reason may not be there.

It occurs mostly due to
  1. Trying to move your body suddely when your body is in an awkward position
  2. Lifting heavy weights.
  3. Back muscles and joint ligaments being strained.
Following preventive steps will help avoiding pain:-
  1. Stop smoking.
  2. Reduce body weight.
  3. Sit upright on your chair when doing sedentary work.
  4. Avoid strenuous physical work, specially in old age.
Following persons are more prone to pain:-
  1. Females
  2. Persons suffering from anxiety.
  3. Persons suffering from depression.
Preventive routines
  1. Reduce / Maintain your body weight.
  2. Stop smoking.
  3. Do aerobatic exercises without jolting or straing your back.
    Recommendations at are:
    1. Aerobic exercise raises your heart rate with continuous, rhythmic movement and, done regularly, will increase your stamina and strengthen your heart and lungs. It should be done 3-5 times per week for at least 20 minutes. Walking is the best place to start, but bicycling and jogging and swimming are good options, too. Swimming is also an excellent choice as part of an exercise program; the water provides resistance, and it also has cardiovascular benefits and can be less damaging to joints than higher impact aerobic exercises.
    2. Beginning an exercise program does not have to be complicated! It is advisable to consult your doctor before you start. Then begin with an easy routine like walking around the block or taking longer walks at the local shopping mall. Starting off with a difficult routine is associated with a higher dropout rate. The goal is to increase physical activity from your current level. Check at for very simple suggested exercises.
  4. Do simple exercises to build your back, arms and leg muscles.
  5. Use chairs with good lower back support, arm rests and having swivel base.
    1. Now a days most of us sit on a chair for the whole day in the office. In mornings and evening we drive to our work places. This causes most of us to have slight pain in the back.
    2. DON'T IGNORE SLIGHT PAIN as this may is likely to many further diseases and disabilities as well....
    3. Do simple aerobic exercises for min 10 minutes.
Special Exercises to ease Back pain problems
  1. a) Lie down on you back on a bed. Use no pillows under the head
    b) Stretch toes of left foot. Lift up the leg 6-8 inches. Hold this position for 4-8 seconds, then lower it.
    c) Repeat the above on right leg.
    d) Repeat the toe-stretching and leg-lifting on both legs together.
    e) Do these 5-10 times.
  2. a) Draw up left leg knee towards chest. Place both hands just below the knee and apply pressure. Hold for 5-10 seconds. Then lower the leg and strighten it.
    b) Repeat the above on the right leg.
    c) Do these 5-10 times.
  3. a) Liw down flat on your stomach
    b) Draw up your arms and place palms down inline with your shoulders.
    c)Raise your upper body by pushing down on your palms. Raise only upto the navel. Hold for 3-8 seconds.
    c) Do these 5-10 times.

  4. These exercises will take about 5 minutes. Repeat them at least thrice daily.
  5. Please email us your experience so that we publish it at the website to help others with back pain problems.

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  • Link Between Steroid Injection And Increased Risk Of Bone Fractures
    Patients treated with an epidural steroid injection for back pain relief are at increased risk of bone fractures in the spine, according to a Henry Ford Hospital study. Researchers say the risk of fracture increased 29 percent with each steroid injection, a finding they believe raises patient safety concerns...

    Evidence-Based Guidelines Enable Optimal Treatment Of Common Low-Back Pain
    While scientific evidence suggests that less is typically more when it comes to diagnosing and treating low-back pain in the U.S., the number of expensive imaging exams and surgeries done on patients continues to rise, researchers say...

    PTSD Symptoms Developed By One-Fifth Of Spine Surgery Patients
    Nearly 20 percent of people who underwent low back fusion surgery developed post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms associated with that surgery, according to a recent Oregon Health & Science University study published in the journal Spine. Past studies have noted PTSD symptoms in some trauma, cancer and organ transplant patients...

    Gene Identified For Back Pain
    Researchers at King's College London have for the first time identified a gene linked to age-related degeneration of the intervertebral discs in the spine, a common cause of lower back pain. Costing the UK an estimated £7billion a year due to sickness leave and treatment costs, the causes of back pain are not yet fully understood...

    Gene Flaw Linked To Lower Back Pain
    A new study published online first in the journal Annals of Rheumatic Diseases on 19 September, shows how for the first time researchers have identified a gene linked to a common cause of lower back pain: a condition known as lumbar disc degeneration (LDD)...

    Predicting Scoliosis Progression From 3D Imaging, Study Shows Promising Results
    Data Presented at SRS Conference Suggest 3D Evaluation May Help Forecast Disease Progression at Initial Medical Visit EOS imaging (NYSE Euronext, FR0011191766 - EOSI), the pioneer in 2D/3D orthopedic medical imaging, announces today results of a new clinical study highlighting the value of 3D spine measurements provided by the EOS® imaging system for monitoring and predict...

    Yoga Could Be A Cost-effective Treatment For Back Pain
    According to research published in Spine, the yoga intervention program called 'Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs' is most likely going to be cost effective for not only the UK National Health Service (NHS), but for the wider society as well. The specially-developed 12-week group yoga intervention program was observed and compared to conventional general practitioner (GP) care alone...

    Patients With Low Back Pain Benefit From Advice To Stay Active
    The August 1 edition of Spine reports that advice on how to remain active for workers who are on medical leave due to lower back pain, can increase their chances of returning to work...

    2-Level Axial Lumbar Interbody Fusion May Lead To Complications
    Surgeons from the Instituto de Patologia da Coluna in Sao Paulo, Brazil have found that an innovative minimally invasive surgical procedure performed to achieve two-level axial lumbar interbody fusion produced immediate successful results, but within 2 years complications set in, making the procedure far less desirable...

    First Study To Show Early Brain Changes Predict Which Patients Develop Chronic Pain
    When people have similar injuries, why do some end up with chronic pain while others recover and are pain free? The first longitudinal brain imaging study to track participants with a new back injury has found the chronic pain is all in their heads - quite literally...

    Cortisone Injections Can Lead To Necrosis
    Injections of corticoid preparations can have severe side effects. In this issue of Deutsches Arzteblatt International, Christian Holland and coauthors contribute to physicians' awareness of problems of this type with a report on the relevant findings of medicolegal expert committees in Germany (Dtsch Arztebl Int 2012; 109[24]: 425-30...

    Engineers Conceive Disc Replacement To Treat Chronic Low Back Pain
    In between the vertebrae of the human spine are 23 Oreo-sized, cartilage-filled discs that hold the vertebrae together and allow for spine movement. While the discs are critical for movement, they can become the source of back pain when they degenerate or herniate - a major health problem that affects 85% of Americans and drains the U.S. economy to the tune of $100 billion every year...

    Researcher Calls For Expansion Of Programs To Identify Potential Drug Abusers And Protect Pain Patients
    Individual use of prescription opioids has increased four-fold since the mid-1990s, in part due to increased awareness of pain control for chronic conditions such as low back pain and fibromyalgia and a Joint Commission mandate that hospitals assess patients' pain as a "vital sign" along with their blood pressure and temperature...

    A Back Brace That Can Measure How Long It Is Worn Benefits Children With Curvature Of The Spine
    Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) affects three or four per thousand children and as many as seven out of ten older adults. While there is still controversy about the efficacy of back braces for children this is often considered a problem of compliance - if the children do not wear their braces the treatment does not work...

    Physical Therapy - A Quick Fix For Sacroiliac Joint Pain In Many Children And Adolescents
    Investigators report that a simple bedside manual therapy to correct a painful misaligned sacroiliac joint was highly successful in a group of 45 patients 10 to 20 years of age. Thirty-six patients (80 percent) obtained significant pain relief, whereas nine patients (20 percent) experienced minimal to no relief...

    Clinical Guidance Remains Non-Specific For Drugs To Reduce Bone Cancer Damage
    Bone cancer-related fractures and pain can be reduced by drug treatment, but no one drug is superior, according to a review published in The Cochrane Library. Researchers undertook a systematic review of the current evidence on bisphosphonate drugs, which are used to prevent bone damage in multiple myeloma...

    Protecting Autoworkers From Back And Shoulder Injury By Tilting Cars On The Assembly Line
    Letting autoworkers sit while they reach into a car's interior could help prevent shoulder and back strain - but another solution might be to tilt the entire car so that workers can stand up. That's the finding of two recent studies, which tested two ways to protect autoworkers from injury...

    Although Back Pain Improves With Care, It Often Persists For A Year Or Longer
    For people receiving health care for acute and persistent low-back pain, symptoms will improve significantly in the first six weeks, but pain and disability may linger even after one year, states a large study published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). Low-back pain is a common condition that results in significant health care costs, disability and absenteeism in workplaces...

    Treatment Of Lower Back Pain Could Be Improved By Adding Complementary And Alternative Medical Therapy
    Nearly 8 of 10 Americans will experience lower back pain at some time in their lives. Persistent low back pain is a common, incapacitating, costly, and a difficult to treat condition. Many patients might benefit significantly from an individualized, multidisciplinary, team-based model of care that includes access to licensed complementary care practitioners (e.g...

    Back Pain - Genetically Engineered Drug Less Effective
    It appears that spinal injections of etanercept, a new type of anti-inflammatory genetically engineered drug, are not as effective in relieving the severe leg and lower back pain of sciatica, as steroid injections into the spine, the current standard of care, according to a new study reported in the 17 April issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine...

    Sciatica Patients Still Do Better With Steroids Than With Etanercept, Study Shows
    Despite the great promise that injecting a new type of anti-inflammatory pain medicine into the spine could relieve the severe leg and lower back pain of sciatica, a Johns Hopkins-led study has found that the current standard of care with steroid injections still does better...

    Interventional Radiology Treatments Coming For Weight Loss, Disc Disease
    A minimally invasive treatment may target hunger at its source, another uses X-ray visible embolic beads to block arteries to the stomach and suppress hunger and a third explores the use of stem cells to repair vertebral disc degeneration. Initial results from all these studies were reported at the Society of Interventional Radiology's 37th Annual Scientific Meeting in San Francisco, Calif...

    The Molecular Mechanism Responsible For Vertebral Column Degeneration Discovered
    Italian researchers at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Rome found an important molecular mechanism responsible for low back pain and other acute vertebral problems like cervical axial pain, all due to aging and degeneration of the vertebral column. The team led by Dr...

    News From The Journal Of The American Academy Of Orthopaedic Surgeons: March 2012
    Spine Patient Outcomes Research Trial (SPORT) Provides Lessons in Treatment and Care The Spine Patient Outcomes Research Trial (SPORT) is the first comprehensive study to look at the effectiveness of different treatments for low back and leg pain...

    Spinal Cord Stimulation Efficiency Boosted With Implanted Device With Three Columns Of Electrodes
    A study published in the March issue of Neurosurgery, the official journal of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, describes a new method of electrical stimulation that uses an implanted device with three columns of electrodes, which could increase the efficiency of spinal cord stimulation (SCS) for severe back pain...

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